Meet Your Neighbor-Devin Hinzo

Meet Devin Hinzo. An artist, oboist, and the creator of “fresh perspectives.”


“Why can’t we do this?”

That’s been Devin Hinzo’s mantra for the past few months as he’s been tirelessly working toward putting together his event series, fresh perspectives. Devin has been working alongside a wide array of artists and musicians to create an event series that reimagines how arts institutions program art galleries and classical music performances.

His fresh perspectives series will officially launch this Friday, November 2nd at 6:30pm. A pop-up art gallery, musicians performing with various different types of instruments including the cello, violin, and flute, along with a hip-hop dancer, will all fill the 5,000 square foot Lab Studios at 2460 Lakeside Avenue. Fresh perspectives will feature a melting pot of local and national artists performing and showcasing all different types of art and various genres of music.

This melting pot is exactly what Devin was aiming for when he began planning this series. With equity being a key piece in the framework of fresh perspectives, Hinzo strives to have artists from a variety of backgrounds not only come together to showcase their work, but to also have their voices heard in the programming of the event. Fresh perspectives gives power and more control to the artist by allowing them to get together with other artists during the programming stages to have a say in how the event unfolds.

Devin acknowledges that this method of programming is challenging at times, but he has really come to value it. Hinzo has been playing the oboe for roughly 17 years and has performed at numerous venues across the United States and even outside of the country. It was common for Hinzo and his peers to not have a ton of say in the process of planning their orchestral performances, and this is something Hinzo aspires to change through fresh perspectives.

With fresh perspectives being housed in the Campus District, Hinzo has gotten to spend a lot of time in the area. He appreciates the architecture and history of the buildings in the northern part of the district, which are things that played a role in choosing a location for this event. When he walks through the neighborhood, he enjoys conversing with and getting to know those who live and work in the district.

When he isn’t working or playing the oboe (which you can see him play this Friday!), Devin enjoys being able to explore the many parks that Northeast Ohio has to offer. A personal favorite of his is the Frohring Meadows in Chagrin Falls. A lot of Devin’s spare time is usually spent thinking of new ideas. He often takes walks through the city, wondering what can be done with empty buildings. Devin’s always daydreaming of new ways to make the community a better and more vibrant place.

You can come meet Devin and other awesome artists at fresh perspectives this Friday, November 2nd at 2460 Lakeside Ave. Doors are open at 6:30pm and all are welcome. Check out fresh perspectives on Facebook to learn more and be sure to look forward to more of these events in the future.

Article by: Connor O’Brien