Artist Selected for First Art Stop!

Campus District, Inc. is excited to announce photographer, Da’Shaunae Jackson, as ArtStop’s first featured artist. Jackson currently studies photography at Cuyahoga Community College. She was a finalist of the Photographer’s Forum 38th Annual College & High School Photography Contest and has had work published in Breakwall Literary Journal. She has also been shown in group exhibitions at the Cleveland Print Room, located in the Campus District.


The ArtStop Bus Shelter is a community driven project designed to transform a local bus shelter into a rotating art gallery. The shelter, located at E. 21st and Superior Avenue, is in the heart of the Superior Arts District and part of a larger effort to bring the art of the District to the street.

The piece featured is from Jackson’s 2017 monograph entitled “Waiting to Arrive”. The series takes the viewer along Jackson’s journey on the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority from the early morning hours to after sundown, as she commutes from home, to school, and to work.

Of her experience and her work, Jackson says,

"My daily commute is long and sometimes frustrating, but I have learned to develop patience. As I sit and wait for my destination to arrive, I cross paths with various strangers. All of them have a place to be but for a moment of time we share a space and are forced to enjoy the ride together. Taking the RTA for me is like being inside of a mobile community. You have the option to get to know the person sitting next to you. Even though neither person knows when the other will reach their destinations. It’s okay to strike up a conversation and learn something new about a complete stranger just to pass the time. This choice to engage, to interact, or just to be silent is what I am most interesting about public transportation. While the outside world is passing us by, we choose to sit still and wait. What others decide to do in this space and with their time is what I observe and capture."

Da’Shaunae Jackson’s work will go up at the end of September. Come visit the shelter to see the welcomed addition to the neighborhood!

You can also see new work by Jackson featured on GCRTA’s Red Line as a part of InterUrban. To connect with Jackson and view more of her work follow her on Instagram @_dashaunaemarisa