Jack Boyle

Jack Boyle has served as a loaned executive for the Campus District from Cleveland State's Levin College since January 2013. A long-time catalyst for change in the neighborhood, Boyle served as vice president for Business and Finance from 2003-2011, and during that time was a major influence in reorienting Cleveland State toward a residential, walkable campus by financing millions of dollars in construction and development.

Out of Boyle’s arm-length list of achievements while serving as vice president, he says the project most important to CSU’s development was the Recreation Center, which, once completed, “became the catalyst for retaining students on campus” by offering amenities that encouraged commuter students to stay on campus after their classes had ended and made residential living more attractive to students.

When asked what he hopes to accomplish in his time with the Campus District, he says he hopes to see some of the current plans for the Campus District implemented, especially on the E.22nd street redevelopment project. He also adds that he’d like to “turn the Campus District into a neighborhood, using the education and medical institutions [CSU, Tri-C, and St. Vincent] in the area as anchors.”