East 22nd St. Bridge & Innerbelt Exit


Back in 2013 CDI began meeting with the Cuyahoga County Bridge engineers, the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) District 12 and Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency (NOACA) on a plan for the new East 22nd Street bridge that will need to be constructed over the Innerbelt when it is widened.

A conceptual design and cost estimates for a 16 ft green cap on the east side of the East 22nd St. bridge for bicyclists and pedestrians were developed and presented with positive feedback on potential ability to implement with transportation alternative funding. Then in 2014, ODOT developed a new plan to create an East 22nd Street/Carnegie exit for the next phase of the Innerbelt called CCG3A.

The plan calls for a concrete cap over the eastbound lanes of the Innerbelt to support an exit in which traffic could exit at East 22nd St, and cross the street on an arterial road that would lead to Carnegie Avenue. CDI proposed a modification to the plan to provide a 16 ft. wide landscaped bike/pedestrian cap on both sides of the bridge and a green roof on one third of the concrete cap for the new exit.

After a round of advocacy meetings with ODOT  by Campus District stakeholders with support from  Downtown Cleveland Alliance and Midtown, Cleveland, ODOT approved the design. Baker International is currently doing the final design and engineering for the the CCG3A segment which includes the caps and green roof.