David Kaufman

VP, Brothers Printing

What excites you about the Campus District Neighborhood?

The vibrancy and the diversity of the District. From education to health care to restaurants, to residents, to business, the Campus District pretty much has it all. Then, you add in the proximity to the Theatre District, the sports venues and "hot spots", the Campus District is the best location downtown.

What’s the best professional advice someone ever gave you?

When my brother Jay and I were considering doing a mixed-use real estate development project, it was suggested we meet with Sam Miller from Forest City, a titan in the Cleveland real estate, business, and philanthropic communities. After a lengthy conversation with Mr. Miller about our project his very profound suggestion to us was, "you made your money in the printing business, lose your money in the printing business." Although great advice, my brother and I completed our project, University Lofts. The question after all does not stipulate that you had to take the advice!