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Become a Member

The Campus District is a member funded and driven community and economic development organization. Members have the opportunity to participate firsthand in shaping the quality of life in the District and supporting its ongoing economic vitality.

Other membership benefits include:

  • Member to member relationship building and business development opportunities through networking events and other District sponsored activities, including the District’s institutional anchors.
  • Opportunity to publicize and promote business milestones and successes, both online through the District’s website, as well as through District sponsored events and activities.
  • Priority access to sponsorship opportunities associated with Campus District events, meetings and forums Discounted advertising rates in the District’s online newsletter.
  • Opportunity to participate in the master planning of the Campus District, through engagement at the District’s board and committee levels, as well as through participation on the various ad hoc committees established throughout the year that address areas of economic opportunity.
  • Memberships are tax deductible.