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The Art Stop Bus Shelter started as a community-led initiative focused on improving the transit waiting experience for those utilizing the GCRTA bus route on Superior Avenue. Using dollars raised through the online crowdfunding platform, IOBY, the Art Stop team will turn the shelter into a rotating art gallery that showcases local artists. The purpose of the project is to add color and vibrancy to the neighborhood, create a unique platform to showcase local art, and continue to build an aesthetic identity for the Superior Arts District.

Any additional comments or questions please contact Rachel Oscar at or by phone at 216-687-5475”

Submission Deadline - August 3rd


The artwork will be displayed on the East 21st Bus Shelter (on the corner of E. 21st and on Superior Avenue, on the south side of Superior).


The Superior Arts District is located in the northern portion of the Campus District Neighborhood, along Superior Avenue between East 18th Street and East 30th Street.  Historically Cleveland’s garment district, this section of Superior Avenue is now home to over 150 working artists that live and/or have studio space in the former industrial buildings in the neighborhood.    



The call is open to Cleveland-area artists and designers. Preference will be given to those who are connected to the Superior Arts District through studio space, apartment space, or employment. Experienced public artists are encouraged to apply, but previous experience in public art is not required. Artists and designers should be able to demonstrate an ability to design and/or create work that will be transferred to a vinyl display for the bus stop.


We will provide the Artist with a list of dimensions that the art will have to be able to be rendered in due to the shapes of the vinyl that will be attached to the bus stop. The artists must fill out a google survey that will enable them to describe their art, tell the audience a little bit about the artist, and also upload a sample of their art for evaluation. Each artwork piece will be displayed for a period of 3 months, or on a quarterly basis.


Evaluation will be conducted by a designated selection committee, as described in section IV-D below. Each member of the selection committee will evaluate the submission based on a regimented scoring system. These scores will be averaged to come to a final score. The highest two scoring submissions will be selected. Submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis, to be reviewed by the committee every six months throughout the two year project period. Submissions are subject to the following criteria:

  • Artist’s relationship to the Superior Arts District (25 points)
  • Appealing nature of the work for wide-reaching public display (20 points)
  • Creativity of the work (20 points)
  • Response to the project goals/relevance to Superior Arts District (20 points)
  • Artist’s previous experience with public art projects (15 points)


“The artist/artwork will be evaluated and selected by an ad hoc review committee assembled for the sole purpose of advancing the Art Stop. This small selection committee (7 members) will be comprised of art and design professionals as well as neighborhood stakeholders. 

At each review period (occurring every 6 months), the committee will select two artists to be featured over the following two quarters/six months, for a total of eight artists featured at the Art Stop. Alternative timeframes or selection criteria will be considered if submission volume does not allow for this methodology.”

Submission Deadline August 3rd