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Welcome to the Neighborhood! New Businesses in the Campus District

The Campus District on November 16, 2016 - 1:57 pm in Features, Live
A group photo of Svetlana Schreiber & Associates L.P.A.


Within the last year, Campus District has welcomed a couple dozen businesses to the community. This has increased the number of companies in our district by about 5 percent. These businesses are in the construction, manufacturing, professional service, social assistance and food service industries among others.

In some instances the business owners are now also landlords of their new home. Take Svetlana Schreiber and Associates for example. This immigration lawyer moved from leasing space in the Central Business District to now owning 2510 Saint Clair Avenue NE. She added about a dozen jobs to the Campus District and has about 4,500 square feet of space available in her building to lease to another company interested in Campus District.

Speaking of extra space, Blink Signs (another new company to the district) quickly outgrew the space it shares and plans to expand into the first floor of 1925 Saint Clair Avenue. Other tenants expanding in that building are Rebiz, YellowLite and Cleveland Bricks—a popular construction company that is growing quickly. Another company we are happy to have in the Campus District is Icon Interiors at 2150 Saint Clair Avenue. Icon Interiors is a commercial interior contracting firm that can make your old space look new. Stop by to check out its showroom if you don’t believe us.

As you can see, Saint Clair Avenue is really taking off with new businesses. We look forward to more companies choosing to grow within the Campus District. If you know of any businesses interested in locating to our portion of Downtown Cleveland, please have the owner contact our business development specialist.

Jazmyn Blockson
Business Development Specialist

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