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Tri-C’s Metro Campus Unveils Plans for a New Look

The Campus District on September 20, 2016 - 12:02 pm in Features, Learn, Play

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Bialosky renderings of the new Tri-C Metro Campus Center, post-transformation.
City Architecture map and renderings of the new landscaping for the northeast corner of the new Tri-C Metro Campus. This makes up one of the four phases to redesign the public spaces on campus.


The Metro Campus of Cuyahoga Community College is about to see a major revamping. Tuesday, September 27th will see the groundbreaking of a $38 million renovation to Tri-C’s Campus Center — transforming a more industrial and Brutalist structure to a warm and welcoming major attraction. In addition, Tri-C has already begun a $28 million landscaping project that will add green space and social vibrancy to the campus, which is set to be completed by 2020.

Given the impracticality of a complete redesign, these two projects form a more practical effort that will hopefully produce a rewarding outcome.  The Campus Center was designed by the Cleveland-based Bialosky, which is also designing the Van Aken redevelopment in Shaker Heights. The new designs maintain a focus on creating a social, inviting atmosphere. Designed by Cleveland-based City Architecture, the new landscaping will create a number of curved pathways connecting the surrounding sidewalks to the campus buildings, making it much more accessible to the public than its current design.

These two improvements will likely have a significant impact not only on the perception or feeling of the campus, but on the surrounding Campus District community as well. The East 30th Street side of the campus will look and feel more accessible — especially to the surrounding Central neighborhood.


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