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St. Vincent Charity Launches “End Our Epidemic” Campaign to Expand Rosary Hall

The Campus District on April 19, 2017 - 9:41 am in Features, Heal, Live

Since 1952, Rosary Hall has been at the forward edge of the fight against addiction. But today, the opioid and heroin epidemic is taking lives in record numbers from families, neighborhoods and communities. This opiate epidemic is a community problem that requires a community response.

St. Vincent Charity is taking immediate steps to expand their treatment services, allowing them to treat 300 more individuals a year. The long term plan is to expand Rosary Hall to include residential and sober living beds, allowing them to treat an additional 900 individuals/year. But they cannot do it alone.

Visit St. Vincent Charity’s new microsite to support the expansion of Rosary Hall. We encourage you to share this site with friends and family and those affected by or working in addiction to help us rally together against this formidable foe. The site promotes three kinds of action:

· ADVOCATE (for legislation, better policies and for the families and those addicted)

· PARTNER (join us in collaborating to ensure we meet the needs for treatment across the continuum)

· DONATE (support our expansion of Rosary Hall with a gift to help to help with programmatic and capital needs)

No matter who you are, you can help us end this epidemic in our community. Visit and watch this video to learn more.

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