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NEOCH is Now Hiring a Outreach Training position.

The Campus District on April 9, 2018 - 5:13 pm in Heal

Northeast Ohio Coalition Homeless (NEOCH) for the homelessis seeking applicants for the Outreach Training position. This is a stipend position to learn the role of street outreach and meet with those living outside or in abandoned structures. You will shadow existing outreach staff, learn the resources available in the community, build relationships with people experience homelessness, particularly shelter resistance folks. People with previous experience of homelessness are encourage to apply. The job description is available here. Application, cover letters. and resumes are due by April 16th, 2018.

Position Description

Position Title: Outreach Training Stipend Worker
Reports To: Director of Operations
Location: Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless
Salary: Training Stipend of $250 per week

Position Function:
The Training Stipend Worker is responsible to staff from Metanoia, St. Paul’s Community Church, and NEOCH to go out to meet with those living outside or in abandoned structures and report back to the collaboration. NEOCH staff are the direct supervisor to the stipend worker. This individual will shadow existing staff and build relationships with those outside. They will learn the resources available in the community and work to hand people in need of housing off to agencies that may be appropriate. They will work to obtain resources and housing for those who are resistant to shelter. These individuals can attend collaboration meetings including the monthly outreach meeting on third Wednesdays at 1:30 p.m at NEOCH and the fourth Wednesday at 3 p.m. at NEOCH. They will go to training programs that other partners may offer—check with 2100 Lakeside shelter, Community Women’s Shelter, NEOCH, Bellefaire, and other shelters or Frontline Services outreach staff. This staff will be able to check e-mail and messages at NEOCH, but their offices will be the streets of the City of Cleveland. This is a contract position and the individual will complete an IRS w-9 form, and will be responsible for paying their own taxes as a trainee, independent consultant. NEOCH can offer tax assistance to assure that the individual is not stuck with a huge tax bill for the tax year. The staff should sit down with the Director for NEOCH to plan out the week. They will visit libraries, shelters, drop in center, health care facilities and meal programs and get to know the population utilizing these services. They will help with getting homeless people to appointments and social service offices where they might be able to find help. The goal is to be ready for employment within a shelter, drop in center or as a full time outreach worker. This is a three to four month position to learn about homelessness in Cleveland. This individual will update the spreadsheet of those living outside and will help make referrals to homeless social service providers. This individual will also work to figure out what church groups, religious groups and social service providers are on the streets of Cleveland helping the population. The individual will be reimbursed for travel of up to a maximum of 325 miles every two weeks. The trainee just needs to complete the travel reimbursement form and turn it in. They also must keep a time sheet and turn that in completed and signed.

1. Learn about the existing social service system
2. Meet with supervisor every week to plan who to meet with and who needs help on the streets.
3. The individual must dedicate at least 25 hours per week to the project, and must submit a time sheet every two weeks.
4. Develop relations with people without housing.
5. Report to the other collaboration members regarding resources or other needs of those outside.
6. Shadow other outreach staff to learn how they do their job.
7. Assist with the distribution of donations and resources.
8. Learn sensitivity and other classes available to social service/outreach staff.
9. Meet on a biweekly basis with staff from Care Alliance, Metanoia and St. Paul’s Community Church
10. Attend monthly meetings with other outreach teams.
11. Document encounters with people outside and provide detailed information about their needs.
12. The goal is to find employment somewhere in the homeless social service community.
13. All other duties as assigned by the Director.

Qualifications/ Experience:
Car/Driver License Preferred
Demonstrated communication skills.
Previous experience with homelessness
Ability to work with fragile and disenfranchised populations.
Willingness to work in the social service community
Demonstrated ability to maintain a professional and healthy work environment.
Ability to learn about the complex homeless social service system.
Demonstrated writing skills and some rudimentary computer skills.
Sensitivity to those who are struggling with health or economic issues.
Demonstrated organization and time management skills.

This program starts in April

Email Cover Letter and Resume to by Monday, April 16

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