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Memorial Tribute: William A. Gould (1930-2017)

The Campus District on June 20, 2017 - 9:33 am in Features, Live

Architect, Urban Planner and Artist, William (Bill) Gould hung up his painting coat for the last time at age 87 in April 2017. Bill’s philosophy was that ‘he was never alone as long as he had his paints and canvasses’.

A prolific artist, his favorite watercolor and oil color scenes were of the industrial life in the Flats and the beach scenes at Edgewater Park. His black canvass bag, with brushes and water, was ready to go at a moment’s notice. If he couldn’t go out, then he’d paint out the window.

Bill had great energy and was curious about everything. When he discovered Kandinsky’s abstract works, he put aside his brushes to create geometric shapes on canvass with a protractor, compass and India ink pens.

Bill enjoyed being part of an artist community, especially at the 1400 Building and Tower Press. He was a founder of ArtSpace-Cleveland, an organization that helps artists find studios to live and work in the city of Cleveland.

As an architect Bill was a pioneer in the establishment of the artist live/work movement in the city of Cleveland. In 2001, Bill, along with Joe Cimperman, helped the city enact the city’s first Live/Work Overlay Zoning District in the St. Clair/Superior neighborhood. Bill was honored with the Cleveland Arts Prize in 2015.

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