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George V. Voinovich Bridge Ribbon Cutting Celebration

The Campus District on October 7, 2016 - 1:37 pm in Features, Live

A final beam is raised in a congratulatory fashion for the ceremony. Family members of the late George V. Voinovich participate in the ribbon-cutting for the Innerbelt Bridge named in his honor.

On Saturday, September 24, ODOT Director Jerry Wray, local officials, and the Voinovich Family gathered to celebrate the near completion of the eastbound I-90 George V. Voinovich Bridge. Replacing the former 1959 truss bridge, the Voinovich Bridge is actually a pair of bridges – and as of Sunday, September 25, the eastbound bridge is open to traffic. The pair of bridges was officially dedicated back in November 2013 after George V. Voinovich – a Cleveland-born public servant who held a number of high profile offices including Cleveland Mayor, Ohio Governor, and U.S. Senator. The bridge is expected to open completely by late October 2016.

Read more at the ODOT website.

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