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In the District: Cleveland Whiskey

The Campus District on March 17, 2017 - 5:33 pm in Features, Play
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Top: Owner Tom Lix and President Obama during his 2015 visit to MAGNET,  home to Cleveland Whiskey on East 25th St. Bottom: Images from Cleveland Whiskey’s Tasting Room.


Here is a little known secret: Cleveland Whiskey is located right here in the Campus District on East 25th Street! On Saturday, February 25th the distillery invited the public in for a peek during one of the several open houses they have hosted since starting in the district. We sat down with Founder/CEO Tom Lix and learned the story behind his downtown distillery.

“I was always drawn to this area,” Tom shared as we discussed the Campus District. His mom grew up off of Kinsman and his parents met at Fenn College, the precursor to Cleveland State University. Tom also combined the new and old as he developed his product with a “radically different” method, rather than aging for years in old oak barrels, the distilling process is expedited through pressure variations and oxygen. Lix says of the process process, “Its more innovation and tech than a distillery.” This has allowed Cleveland Whiskey to experiment with all types of woody flavors include black cherry, hickory and maple – creating truly unique, and delicious, whiskey, leading the business to be named Whiskey Innovator of the Year. You can get a bottle in the district but they also ship to local stores and 16 countries around the world.

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