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Cleveland Radio Players Brings Back Nostalgic Entertainment of Yesteryear

The Campus District on December 21, 2015 - 10:06 am in Features, Live, Play

Cleveland Radio Players, operating out of the Heller Building in the Campus District, is bringing back radio shows of the past. The group works with more than 30 local “players”, 6-12 of whom typically take part in each 28-36 minute play, mostly written locally. Currently, Cleveland Radio Players is working on their 12th radio play as they celebrate one year of operation. Their plays premiere on the radio on 89.3 WCSB’s THE OH FILES hosted by Chris Carter, are available for digital download on audible and iTunes, on vinyl or digital download on their website, and are even now in distribution at seven stores in Los Angeles.

While Cleveland Radio Players may be perceived as saving a dying art, they are also introducing a new form to many. The uniqueness of this art form, setting it apart from audiobooks and podcasts, is the level of interaction among the players. Unlike cartoons or audiobooks, where one person is being recorded independently of any other characters, all of the players for one script produced by Cleveland Radio Players record together. The level of organic interaction during the recording process sets these plays apart, making them much more fascinating and easier to listen to than most other voice-recorded arts.

Cleveland Radio Players has also forged connections among artists and organizations that may never have crossed paths before. They record with Bad Racket Recording, a recording studio that also operates out of the Heller Building in the Superior Arts District. Deanna Dionne, another artist in the Heller Building designed the Cleveland Radio Players logo, among other graphic design work, and has now become a player. Cleveland Radio Players also works closely with the Playhouse Square Theater District and even with local manufacturers.

Be sure to check out the current offerings of this awesome group from the Superior Arts District, either via digital download, vinyl, or radio on 89.3 WCSB’s THE OH FILES hosted by Chris Carter. In the future, keep an eye out for an anthology of their 12 plays as a celebration of their anniversary and even local sales at events and in stores. There may also be a film and a greater radio presence in the works for this group. Don’t miss out!

To join the group, submit a script, audition to become a player, or contact Cleveland Radio Players at

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