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Clean and Safe Ambassadors 

The Campus District on March 20, 2018 - 11:04 am in Live


Downtown Cleveland Alliance’s Clean and Safe Ambassadors are hard at work seven days a week, nearly 24 hours a day, providing a wide range of supplemental services to our Downtown. From powerwashing and graffiti removal to assisting stranded motorists and helping visitors with directions, the Ambassadors are on the job! Look for the friendly faces in gold and blue or call 216-621-6000 for assistance.

Apply HERE Block By Block to become a Clean and Safe Ambassador!


When you’re in Downtown Cleveland, a clean and secure environment makes all the difference to living, working, shopping and visiting. That’s why in 2006, the Downtown Cleveland Alliance launched the Downtown Ambassadors program, funded by the newly formed Special Improvement District.

Working from our central Operations Center with full communications capabilities, dozens of cross-trained team members work shifts spanning 18 hours a day to create a cleaner, safer, better environment for everyone downtown. You’ll find them adding their services to downtown special events, too.

Our Clean and Safe ambassadors spend most of their time providing hospitality services. They’re trained to help with information on hotels, restaurants, attractions, events, conventions, and parking locations and costs. They’re also knowledgeable about local ordinances such as panhandling, loitering and solicitation and are in contact with Peace Officers if a situation requires action.


Clean Ambassadors. Our Clean Team Members log about 1900 hours a week to keep our streets clean, collecting an average of 3,200 pounds of trash per week. They patrol Downtown each day to remove litter, cigarette butts and gum to keep downtown sidewalks and public spaces neat and attractive. But that’s just the start. They also straighten fixtures like news boxes and trash cans. And they’re the Number One tool against graffiti — removing graffiti, decals, flyers, paint, posters and stickers from public spaces. They even go to work damp wiping surfaces like trash cans and benches to remove dust and grime.

Safety Ambassadors. Our Safety Ambassadors – some walking and some on bikes — patrol downtown as a positive influence for safety, acting as the eyes and ears for police. On duty 18 hours a day, they walk or bike about 1000 miles a week! Each Ambassador patrols specific districts, following a preset schedule and making regular stops by businesses on their route to gather and share security-related information and concerns.

Peace Officers. Ambassadors also carry two-way radios to reach one of our Peace Officers — off-duty Cleveland Police officers who can provide supplementary security. The Peace Officer on duty patrols in a marked Downtown Cleveland Alliance vehicle as a very visible presence to promote safety, and can issue citations or make arrests if necessary. They log about 2000 miles a month! The Peace Officer keeps in direct contact with the Cleveland Police Department at all times.

Help for the Homeless. Safety Ambassadors are trained to interact with the homeless. They can call on the on-staff Social Service Representative, a trained social work professional, who can work one-on-one with individuals in need. The service has helped scores of people in need to make connections to local outreach programs.


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