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Campus District business profile: Type Twenty Seven – graphic designer for Cleveland Int’l Film Festival

The Campus District on February 8, 2017 - 12:51 pm in Features, Live, Play
Brittyn DeWerth, Type Twenty Seven

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Seen a movie at the Cleveland International Film Festival over the past few years? You’ve probably seen some of Brittyn DeWerth’s work. Not on screen — but everywhere else. Type Twenty Seven, DeWerth’s graphic design and letterpress studio, has designed the CIFF marketing campaigns since 2013. The studio utilizes a mix of modern technology and vintage printing presses to create websites, posters, full campaigns
such as CIFF’s, and other products.

A native Clevelander, DeWerth spent a number of years in Chicago before boomerang-ing back to Northeast Ohio. Big draws for DeWerth to work downtown in the Campus District were the social and financial opportunities. “It’s a tight-knit community here and easy to network,” DeWerth mentioned, with budget-friendly rental properties. Since their founding in 2012, Type Twenty Seven has worked with some of the newer entities in the Campus District such as Fount and Global X. In fact, Type Twenty Seven was formerly operated out of a Global X property, the ArtCraft Building, before moving to their current location on E. 30th to accommodate the addition of an original, large Heidelberg printing press — presenting even more creative opportunities for the studio. Other projects down the pipeline include branding down to the tap handles for Desperate Times Brewery, based in Carlisle, PA, and a possible partnership with Yoko Ono on her next exhibit. With the film festival starting next month, you’ll be sure to see a lot of Type Twenty Seven’s work downtown and in the Campus District — and be sure to so see a lot of movies at the film festival!


DeWirth’s design for the next Cleveland International Film Festival. This year’s theme: Illuminate.


Type Twenty Seven  —  Cleveland International Film Festival

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