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Bad Racket Studios Finds their Niche in the Superior Arts District

The Campus District on May 3, 2016 - 3:00 pm in Features, Live

Bad Racket Recording Studio, located in the Superior Arts District’s Heller Building, is a community focused recording studio specializing in music recording, mixing, and mastering, as well as video production, working with individuals, groups, and organizations locally and nationally. They’ve found a home in the Superior Arts District, as well as numerous artists that they have been able to connect with.

Bad Racket Recording Studio was formed in 2009 on the west side of Cleveland as an underground performance venue and space for recording gear. The group, now housed in the Superior Arts District’s Heller Building, has become a full-fledged recording studio and video production company. Bad Racket’s engineers and producers work with individuals, groups, and organizations, providing audio and video services to the community. The group also produces Live from Bad Racket, an award winning video series, which can be found on YouTube and on their website.

From day to day, Bad Racket’s work can range from commercial work, to recording bands or mixing, and to individuals recording voice or anything else for music or video. They have yet to find a type of music they aren’t willing to record, so as they say, bring it on! The group emphasizes their community focus and making their environment welcoming to those who are new at recording, offering a relaxed and comfortable environment to work with professional equipment and staff.

Being in the Cleveland, and specifically the Superior Arts District, has been a great experience for Bad Racket since they moved to the Heller Building from Ohio City in 2013. In general, Cleveland is a great place for artists to keep a low overhead but still engage a worldwide audience via the internet. They emphasize that while it may not be as dense as New York or Chicago, Cleveland and the Superior Arts District is a great place for artists to find their niche and to experiment creatively, especially with other area artists.

When looking for space, the Superior Arts District’s unique buildings with high ceilings and large, open rooms was appealing. The group also enjoys being central to Northeast Ohio with their downtown location, yet also being surrounded by other artists, offering opportunities for collaboration. The area has a handful of video production groups including UAV Cinema, Cleveland Camera Rental, Guitar Riot, and a few other production studios, as well as other visual and creative artists. This is exactly the type of community where Bad Racket thought they could find a perfect fit.

Among the groups previously mentioned, Bad Racket has worked closely with Cleveland Playhouse and Cleveland Radio Players, as well as a number of other musicians based nearby. Their recordings often end up getting pressed to vinyl at Gotta Groove Records at Tyler Village in the nearby St. Clair Superior neighborhood. Bad Racket has also worked with Forte Nox Productions, their neighbor, on commercial voiceovers, handled the post production for neighbor Milton Horowitz’s feature film, Moonshine Kingdom, and does the recording for Cleveland Radio Players, also based in the Heller Building. It’s these kinds of connections and opportunities for collaboration, along with work with visual artists and other neighbors, that make the Superior Arts District unique and desirable.

Look out for upcoming releases recorded at Bad Racket Studios. These include recording studio work from Nightstalkers!, Ma Holos, and an educational series for basic physics using an RC-Car Dynometer, along with videography for Worship This!, A Work of Fiction, Fascinating, as well as work for Cleveland Public Theater and Cleveland Radio Players.

Visit Bad Racket’s website, call 216-309-2882, or email for more information.

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