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2731 Prospect Gallery Brings New and Familiar Art to the Campus District

The Campus District on April 19, 2016 - 9:18 am in Features, Play

The former William Busta Gallery space found new life last year as the 2731 Prospect Gallery and is now owned and managed by Lauren Davies, following William Busta’s retirement. Lauren, a native of Pittsburgh and long-time resident of San Francisco, recently moved to the Cleveland area and took over this prominent gallery space. She has geographically expanded he gallery’s artist base, while at the same time developing an open atmosphere designed to appeal to both the seasoned art enthusiast and newcomers to the art scene.

Lauren Davies is new to Cleveland, moving from San Francisco 3 years ago after spending 24 years in the city. While she only knew four people when she moved to Cleveland, she has quickly become part of the area’s art scene. A year and a half ago, Lauren and her brother heard about William Busta’s gallery closing, and decided to inquire about taking over and saving this prominent Cleveland gallery, which Lauren, an artist herself, had visited numerous times since her move to Cleveland. 6 weeks later, Busta was retired and Lauren was running her first showing at the newly renamed 2731 Prospect Gallery.

Lauren is now on her fifth show, incorporating both artists that Busta had previously shown, as well as new artists. Before Lauren took over, the gallery focused strongly on Cleveland-area artists. Lauren has expanded the gallery’s reach to a regional level, looking to Oberlin, Columbus, and Ann Arbor, among some artists from other states and countries altogether. Lauren, a photography and sculptor herself, has also began a new focus on photography at the gallery, which, as she shares, is a very strong art form in Cleveland. Moving forward, she hopes introduce Clevelanders to new artists while maintaining relationships with artists who have shown at the Busta Gallery previously, pairing up veteran exhibitors with new artists for showings. If you’d like to be introduced to a new artist while also seeing some of your long-time favorites, the 2731 Prospect Gallery is the place to go.

What makes the environment at the 2731 Gallery different than the William Busta Gallery is Lauren’s previous experience in the non-profit art world. Included with every exhibition are other related events, including panel discussions, artist talks, and exhibit opening and closing events. Lauren encourages people to come and learn more about the artist and the artwork and hopes the 2731 Gallery feels accessible and welcoming, even for those who don’t usually go to art galleries. She encourages everyone to come, hang out, and meet new people in a friendly atmosphere.

When Lauren isn’t at work at the gallery, you may find her either making or showing her own art, focusing on sculpture involving photography. She recently participated in several shows, at SPACES gallery, Bay Arts, and a show in Philadelphia. Look for her this summer at Cuyahoga Valley National Park’s Seiberling Gallery, where she will show her photography along with her love for the park.

Lauren is excited to be in Cleveland, and is admittedly still trying to figure out the city—both physically and psychologically. She appreciates the summers and being so close to Cuyahoga Valley National Park, where she often finds herself hiking, as well as the quality and affordability of art that comes from a close-knit artist community.

To learn more about 2731 Prospect’s exhibitions, receptions, lectures and other public events, please go to the website and sign up for the gallery’s newsletter at:

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